viernes, septiembre 21, 2007

Hoy se estrena Dos Abrazos

Dos Abrazos en 40 Salas del Pais

La opera prima de Enrique Begne ya esta exhibiendose en 40 salas del pais. Es distribuida por Arte Cinema/Gussi, quienes en este 2007 se han lucido brindandole la oportunidad a varias cintas Mexicanas. Proximamente estrenaran Malos Habitos, Propiedad Ajena, Mosquita Muerta, La Zona y estan en negociaciones para estrenar Cobrador, In God We Trust.

Dos Abrazos fue la ganadora de 25,000 dolares en el Festival de Tribeca, donde se le considero la mejor opera prima del festival. En Guadalajara, ademas de recibir buenos comentarios tanto de la prensa como del publico, le fue entregado el premio a la Mejor Direccion.

Mi Critica (80/100)

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Anónimo dijo...

I'll be watching it today probably, that if I finish a report soon enough. I like Maya, I think her eyes just tell so much, is it true that the real breakthrough comes from the boy?

anyway... I hated the Malos Habitos trailer... like a lot... still I want to see it


Anónimo dijo...

Okay, so I thought this was a very nice effort indeed. Well writen, well acted. 4 strong performances really, Zapata and Zarate show experience while Ximena and Giovanni? are splendid, both breakthrough performances

I did find it strange that there isn't this physicial conection between both stories like u said on the review, I would have liked a better editing, but overall it is a very impressive debut

along with Morirse En Domingo and La Ultima Mirada, this has been one of my favorite Mexican features this year... I was very underwhelmed by El Violin, I don't really get the hype? but I did loved so many things about it. The cinematography and atmospheric tone were great achievements.

Anónimo dijo...

oh darn.. I forgot

I will give it a 85/100

CLNY dijo...

really dig Maya too, I saw Never on a Sunday and Under the Same Moon, she was terrific.
Hope she can work in the US!!!

Carlos Reyes dijo...

karen: yes, a couple of people said that it felt weird, and I guess some were expecting a 3rd story... one of the best ensembles of the year... thanks for the score

cinelatinoenny: hopefully we'll get to see Under the Same Moon soon...