martes, diciembre 11, 2007

Opera, Cairo Film Festival

3 Premios en Cairo

Desde el festival de Guadalajara vengo diciendo que Opera de Juan Patricio Riveroll es una rareza, una joya por fin ha sido reconocida en el Festival del Cairo y en grande. Usualmente no haría este tipo de post, pero de verdad me alegra muchísimo que por fin un jurado reconozca con tres premios a la transcendental cinta que tiene planeado su estreno en el primer semestre del 2008.

The International Critics Prize

Premio de la critica internacional

The film that explains nothing verbally and says everything visually, it is the cinematic language, the length of the setting, the timing ,the use of music , the movement of the two protagonists in rooms and landscape s, which identify the director as a great talent of modern cinema. The International Critics Prize, awarded by FIPRESCI, the Federation International de la Presse.

The Best first work of a Director
Premio opera prima

Only after this film had been running for about ten minutes did I realize I was putting my expectations into a work that was deliberately defying the general rules of the medium - and that kind of daring and creativity is very rare. I really believe this is a young first time film-maker with an extraordinary future. I already want to see his next movie.

The Prize for the Best actress
Premio mejor actriz a Marina Magro Soto

This was a very difficult prize to single out. There were so many wonderful and complex female characters in the movies. It took a lot of deliberation until finally someone said, ‘It might help if we had a draw’. So the prize is shared equally between a very young woman starring in her first film and a beautiful performance by an established actress.

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Carlos Reyes dijo...

The film that explains nothing verbally and says everything visually, it is the cinematic language

Paxton, ya estubo que a Guillermo Arriaga no le va gustar mucho jeje...

Paxton Hernandez dijo...


y a de Palma le va a encantar.

Y sí, que le den en la mother a Arriaga.


Paxton Hernandez dijo...

Por cierto, no me extraña que cierto sector de la prensa y la comunidad fílmica la haya odiado. Ellos querían "una buena historia".


Anónimo dijo...


Allison dijo...

quiero verla!

Anónimo dijo...

y cuando se estrena en mexico??

Carlos Reyes dijo...

Marzo/Abril/Mayo/Junio '08

en uno de esos meses

Anónimo dijo...

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